TREE ACCESS - Sit harness

  • TREE ACCESS - Sit harness
  • TREE ACCESS - Sit harness
  • TREE ACCESS - Sit harness
REF.: 216201


The Tree Access represents the next generation in tree harnesses to meet the demands of the most demanding tree climbers. The robust structure, thick padding, and optimally spaced front connection straps between the waist belt and leg loops provide exceptional comfort while hanging. The innovative mobile bridge system allows the user to fine-tune the position of the bridge in order to optimize the position while hanging. The GT Chest (ref.2166), equipped with two fall arrest attachment points, can be attached for a full body fall arrest harness. Four attachment points: mobile front ring, ventral ring, two side rings. Aluminum alloy components. Speedy Alu buckles on the leg loops. 2 sizes.

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